You wake up, you log into Amazon to notice any anyone purchased something off you, and then you recognize you can’t log in.

Oh no! You just got your Amazon Account Deactivation because of safety purposes!

You are now trying to find out what is it that got your account locked in the initial place.

  • Is it because you got a few genuineness complaints?
  • Maybe it’s because of account security issues?
  • Or perhaps, just possibly, you were flagged with an intellectual property infringement?

Looking at your Amazon login screen, I understand that you feel mistreated, and even betrayed by Amazon.

But you recognize what; Amazon won’t just freeze your account without any genuine reasons.


So yes, there’s a huge possibility that you actually violated one of their policies, even if it was unintentional.

And if was certainly an honest error on your part, then be glad as the reason could have been far worst.


Somebody Was Trying To Hack Your Account

If Amazon gets the least clue that your account is compromised, it will lock it down.


Some might call this unreasonable, but this is actually Amazon way of caring for you.

By freezing your account, it means that you, and the hacker, won’t be able to access your account, avoiding any illegal use of said account until the issue is resolved.


So what do you do if Amazon locked your account due to account hacking? The best way is to deliver an appeal to the Amazon Seller Performance team.

Your appeal must include a comprehensive action plan on what YOU intend to do in order to protect your account in the future.


Example: updating your virus protection, making confirm that your Wi-Fi is safe, changing and using a more difficult password, no more using of open Wi-Fi’s, etc.

Infringing Amazon Policies and Code of Conduct

Amazon is strict when implementing its policies. And violating even the simplest ones could have your account frozen.


What are some of these essential policies/rules you inquire?

  • Unsuccessful to honor your assurance to sell a product
  • Unsuccessful to maintain correct and current account information
  • Constant use of an account that has its seller privileges removed by Amazon
  • Seller misrepresentation

Now in order for Amazon to unfreeze your account, you require to verify to them that you are now conscious of said policies and rules you have violated, proof that you have taken action to correct the mistake you made and a guarantee that no other violations will be happening in the future.


Using Restricted Products

This has the whole thing to do with using “Gated” products.

To give you an immediate clarification on what “Gated” brands are; Gated products are brands that require Amazon sellers to inquire for approval from them before they can sell products connected to their brand on Amazon.


Anyhow, it is “your” responsibility, not Amazon’s, to ensure what products have been added to their gated list. Brands are added to that list on a daily basis, so I recommend that you verify the list regularly to be on the safe side.

Now if you had your Amazon Account Deactivation for safety purposes because of listing a gated brand, you must…


Remove the listing instantly, and then yes, come up with a comprehensive “I won’t do it again letter”.

Violation of Federal Regulations

This is one of those times where it is most excellent for a new seller to read the fine print on what Amazon lets you sell on their platform.


You see, Amazon strictly declares that all products that are sold within its ecosystem conform to Federal laws.

What are these laws?

You require to obey with the rules set by the Environmental Protection Agency’s overview of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), U.S. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, Federal Warranty Law, and the Federal Trade Commission.


As an instance, you can’t sell any product that is labeled as “prescription use only” on Amazon.

Yes, I recognize its basic common sense. But you would be surprised how many sellers don’t understand this.


For them, Amazon is just a selling platform, thus, they basically try to sell everything they could get their hands on.

Don’t be similar to those sellers. Ensure the fine print and learn what you can, and what you cannot sell.


And yes, if you got your account deactivated due to violating Federal Regulations policies, you require to prove to Amazon that you are now conscious of said policies and rules you have violated, evidence that you have taken action to correct the mistake you made and a guarantee that no other violations will be happening in the future.

Manipulating Reviews

This essentially means that you have inquired, compelled, or forced anybody within the Amazon ecosystem to get a positive review for your listing.


Earlier, anyone could manipulate reviews for their listing. But as of October of 2016, Amazon imposed a rule that forbids any type of review manipulation.

So now the rule is, you must never ask for a “positive” review, offer a pre-made review template to your customers, or anything that Amazon might deem as a request for a “favorable” review.


And again, if this is the reason for your account to be locked, yes, to generate that “I’ll never do it again, I promise” letter.

To Conclusion

Amazon is a huge retail platform.

In fact, it is the leading in the world and is getting bigger every day.

So by being part of a retail ecosystem that is supposed to dominate the global retail industry in the years to come, you are leveraging a platform that could help kick-start your retail empire.


Do you want to risk that possibility? I don’t think so.

That is why the fine print read. Go ensure what policies Amazon has applied in the last few months. Play within the rules for you not to get that terror “Amazon Account Deactivation for Security Purposes” email.

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